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Ok, so I have FRESHMAN ORIENTATION next Thursday and I have NO idea what to wear. What would ya'll suggest? I have a lot of clothes so if you happen to mention something, I most likely have it. I will not only be seeing people I haven't seen for two and a half years, I will be debuting my new Ashlee Simpson haircut AND getting class pictures.
Thanks a billion!
oh, and on a side note, do any of you know how to do a banner on your layout?
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I think you should wear a fluttery mini skirt. And a push-up bra to get a guy.
which mini? We can choose tomorrow.

And all I wear is the one bra that WORKS like a push up but isn't. I have multiples of that one.
ok for one...Freshman Orientation is NOT like the first day of school. During mine i hardly saw anyone. You get assigned to tour groups. Though you may think it is easy to leave them, if you wonder you will not get some of the books/papers you need. I suggest that you save your adorable outfits for the ACTUAL first day of school. Dress cute but not the CUTEST! just a tip...
Thanks a billion. I know I shouldn't wear the ULTIMATE CUTE on orientation. But because of not seeing some people I used to know from Reeves (eh em, boys I used to have gigantic crushes on) for 2.5 years, I wanna look cute.

You have to take a tour? IN ASSIGNED GROUPS? How very 6th grade.
yeah...its really annoying...AND HERE IS A TIP! GET THERE ON TIME! I was 5 or 10 minutes late and i was SOOOOOO really sucked...Have Fun! (*wink wink* Cute boys eh? Go Get em...) haha...
hahahaha, yeah, I bet that would bee hard. (being late). I was late for the sign up night thing and I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO frazzled. i didn't know what was going on. and I couldn't get a seat so I was like the only person standing.
Yup same with me we were in tour groups and the rest of the school dosent come till the next day so save the best outfit for when the hot upper classmen guys are around lol
hot upperclassmen=drool worthy outfit.