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classy_gals's Journal

[ [ The Home of the Sophisticated ] ]
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..:::We are so trendy. Hip. UP-TO-DATE:::..

We're all about style and sophistication. A real woman is a little of both.

UPDATE: I've got a new thing. When you submit, include a creative name that we will all call you (It can ebe your actual name, but that's kinda boring), and put it in the subject line of your application!

Here, you submit things like opinions and new fashions. If you see a TOTALLY cute new Fossil bag that just came out, post a picture and tell us why you like it. Or you can bring up an opinion of yours, and share it with all the other ladies, Mary Kate's anorexia for example. Anything goes, anything that's on your mind, anything that means something to you.

♥ You have to be a member to post but you can comment before you are a member. (how to become a member below)
♥ No fighting... hey, a rude comment comes, ignore it, or handle it in a calm way.
♥ You will be banned if you get in too bad of a fight, you will be warned for fighting at all.
♥ Don't diss other people's style too badly. Tell them you don't like it.
♥ Say WHATEVER is on your mind... we even help with boyfriend problems!
♥ If you promote in this site you have to put it in an LJ cut that says "promotion"

♥ Submit a picture of an item you like. A purse, a shirt, pants, a skirt, or an accessory. You can even submit more than one thing. We will comment on it, and if a majority of people like it, you can become a member.
♥ Also, include the names of two LJ communities you promoted us in, and the name of two LJ users journals you promoted in.
♥ Include at least one clear picture of yourself.
♥ When you submit, include a creative name that we will all call you (It can ebe your actual name, but that's kinda boring), and put it in the subject line of your application!

♥ You must post once a week (unless you inform us in advance why you won't be able to.)
♥ If we have themes, we would like you to participate in them.
♥ Promoting is asked, please help.


PROMOTION PICTURES... Use them when promoting our site... feel free to do what ever you like with them. Also, if you can make animated photos for us, it would be GREATLY appreciated!

There's more coming soon...
Stay tuned.

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